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Tsagaan Sar

Click, one sheep’s ankle bone smacks against another during a round of Shangai in the Ger tent in Mongolia. Outside the sun shines deceptively over a world of ragged mountains and the vast snow swept plains of the Terelj National … Continue reading

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The Streets of Sofia

We wandered through the pot-holed streets of Sofia in our pyjamas. It was summer and the overnight train from Bucharest had been hot. Nothing was open, but lurid neon signs flashed “sex shop” and “strip show”. It was 5am, dark … Continue reading

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Turkish Tea Tour

In the sunken courtyard behind the Süleymaniye Mosque Turkish chatter and the trickle of an ancient fountain replaces the noisy froth of cappuccino-making and dulcet tones of Katie Melua track that signify coffee shops back home. Students of Istanbul drink … Continue reading

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The Lokanta

We had asked our guide at Aya Sofya for somewhere local, somewhere in real Istanbul for lunch, and Imren Lokantasi certainly ticked the boxes. Bells tinkled as we entered the little neighbourhood lokanta hidden half an hour from Sultanahmet behind … Continue reading

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